OCT 27, 2021

  • The 18th National Innovation Award (2021) – Repurposing of YQ1, an Astragalus-based formula-the prevention and early intervention treatment of COVID-19. 黃奇英, 黃澤宏, 林恕民, 蕭易先, 李佳穎, Doan Hien Ly, Nguyen Thuc Anh.
  • The 18th National Innovation Award (2021) – 防疫聯合開發口罩人臉辨識暨雙重驗證實聯制系統設計. 柯立偉.
  • 2021 Future Tech Awards – 開發鈀奈米薄膜電化學感測平台用於病毒檢測與抑制分子篩選, 張家靖、謝達斌、施信如、袁俊傑.

[RCEP-NYCU] COVID-19 World News Digest (2 Aug 2021)

AUG 2, 2021

Keep your mask on: US CDC reversed the no-mask-for-the-vaccinated recommendation after delta variant outbreak in Massachusetts, USA (30 Jul 2021)

Lockdown imposed in Queensland, Australia after six cases of the delta variant reported (30 Jul 2021)

[Radio Taiwan International] Chien-Jen Chen: Taiwan Must Substantially Increase Vaccination Rates to Effectively End COVID-19

MAY 8, 2021

Former Vice President Chen Chien-Jen attended the “2021 National Health Insurance Forum” today (4/25/21). In his keynote speech, he pointed out that vaccines are the ultimate weapon to end COVID-19, based on the experiences of the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel. Taiwan must quickly quickly increase its vaccination rate and finish the fight against COVID-19.

The former Vice President was invited to attend the “2021 National Health Insurance Forum,” organized by the Formosa Republican Association on the morning of April 25th, giving a keynote speech titled “Smart Technology Epidemic Prevention and the Sustainability of the NHI.”…

[UDN] Hsu-Sung Steven Kuo Suggests Data from AstraZeneca Vaccine Administration to be Compared Against Taiwan’s Domestic Vaccine

MAR. 20, 2021

Taiwan will begin administering AstraZeneca’s vaccine starting next Monday while Taiwan’s domestic vaccine candidate, currently in in Phase 2 clinical trials, is eagerly awaited upon for a launch in June. Hsu-Sung Steven Kuo, former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and former President of Yang Ming University, suggested that the data collected from AstraZeneca’s vaccine can be used by the Food and Drug Administration as a reference for the domestic vaccine candidate. He states, “If the antibodies produced by the domestic vaccine are comparable to those from the AstraZeneca vaccine, since approval has been given to AstraZeneca, why not approve of the domestic vaccine candidate?”

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University’s Research Center for Epidemic Prevention held an online seminar this morning on the “Use of Real World Data in an Epidemic.” Scholars and experts discussed current international vaccine research and development. Hsu-Sung Steven Kuo said that this proposal is based on the WHO’s Correction of Protection (COP) concept of linking efficacy standards, especially as both vaccines are in Taiwan and used among health individuals…

[Taipei Times] Government should help firms in the vaccine race

DEC. 17, 2020

With the announcement last week that the UK would become the first place to use a COVID-19 vaccine, the war against the COVID-19 pandemic moved into a new stage.

Amid the threat of pandemics, vaccines have been a major weapon in the fight against them.

Given Taiwan’s complicated international status, the ability to make its own vaccines has been a plank in the government’s epidemic response policy for more than a decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic certainly shows that this policy is a step in the right direction…

[DigiTimes] Interview with Steve Hsu-Sung Kuo (Part 1): Increasing Smart Healthcare’s Talent Pipeline

OCT. 5, 2020

Taiwan has over 22,000 medical institutions and facilities across the country. In recent years, numerous digital technologies have been introduced across the healthcare industry, including automated hospital check-in systems, innovative content distribution in patient waiting areas, mobile applications enhancing provider-patient interactions, digitization of patient medical reports, and innovations in prescription drug refills, procurement of medical materials, specimen transportation, green energy, and pharmacological safety. The advancements within healthcare all help to improve institutional operational efficiency, physician-patient relationships, and treatment effectiveness.

Steve Hsu-Sung Kuo, President of the National Yang-Ming University, stated that as a graduate of the university’s inaugural class, he was interested in computer assembly and software development during his time as a student. Originally intent on delving deeper into bioinformatics, under the recommendation of predecessors and teachers, he decided to pursue an interest in public health policy as a way to serve the country. While his public health education continued at institutions in Taiwan and the United States, his love for technology has remained in his heart. During his training in the United States as a research assistant, he utilized dBase in a variety of his projects.

Previously, diagnosing Down’s syndrome involved invasive procedures with the potential of injuring the fetus. As a graduate student, he studied the possibility of reducing fetal impact. Nowadays, blood can be directly drawn from the mother through algorithmic testing…


One Health Students Competition

One Health Students Competition is now STARTING!!

TAOHUN, Research Center for epidemic prevention, and one health will be going to hold One Health Students Competition. Share your video on “Zoonotic Diseases”! The winner team will receive bonuses and subsidies to participate in the Regional One Health Students Summit in Thailand Bangkok in 2022!

Details: https://forms.gle/ag4SywCbxuSE4Jgu6

「迎向後疫情時代之健保挑戰: 2030 跨世代改革對話」研討會




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[One Health Serial Seminar] COVID-19的國外動物感染案例與在國內獸醫體系的應對作為

Date: Apr. 23, 2021



[Apple Daily] Don’t Forget the 3 Principles of Prevention, Taiwan Should Not Fight Internally

AUG. 22, 2020

National Yang-Ming University President Steve Hsu-Sung Kuo: Perhaps Taiwan’s epidemic prevention measures are too good. While countries around the world are still struggling to contain the epidemic, our central and local governments still have abundant leisure time. Experts and the general public seem to have forgotten that the World Health Organization, on August 21st, warned the epidemic might not end for another 2 years. Many of the current public health experts are my old friends and many of the local health directors are alums of Yang-Ming University. I believe that everyone is intent on protecting Taiwan against this virus. We wait for the results of the dispute between Changhua County and the Epidemic Command Center, which I hope is the result of a misunderstanding. I believe after communication, consensus can alway be reached and differences resolved. With the abundance of opinions online regarding the situation, now should not be for Taiwan to delve into chaos…

[Carnegie Endowment] Battling COVID-19: How Taiwan Learned from SARS

MAY 26, 2020

Taiwan’s successful response to the new coronavirus contains lessons for governments around the world. Steve Kuo, who coordinated Taiwan’s 2003 response to SARS, explains how Taiwan subsequently adapted its healthcare system, policymaking, and social behaviors. Taiwan leveraged these lessons and the innovative use of technology to achieve positive results today. These lessons can be applied even by governments and societies very different from Taiwan….