Subproject 3 – Surveillance and Detection


The current subproject (SP3: Surveillance & Detection) consists five major tasks (Task 3.1 – 3.5, as shown in the left). Task 3.1 is currently at the stage of equipment procurement, platform development, IRB application, and preliminary data analysis using volunteers’ samples. Task 3.2 has been focused on the development of nanowire-based Bio-FET platform. The system is designed for integrated multiplex detections of SARS-CoV2 viral proteins, patients’ immunoglobulins and cytokine profiles. Task 3.3 applied natural language processing (NLP) for contact and transmission investigations, and robots for delivering healthcare services, including medication and meal dispensing, vital signs measurements, cleaning and disinfections for in the isolation ward. Task 3.4 is undergoing field trials using masked face recognition system and wireless temperature sensing technique developed in the campus. Task 3.5 has successfully constructed a tracing system using smartphones. The processes of the proposed tracing and tracking will be authorized by the individuals who own the phone. Other measures are also applied for privacy protection. The uses of AI and telemedicine, remote intensive care (isolation) wards, epidemic prevention and medical robots, and home isolation warning systems are also being investigated.