National Yang-Ming University Hospital hosted the 12th International Medical Symposium today with COVID-19 as the main topic, inviting domestic and foreign public and epidemiological experts to share their epidemic prevention experience. 

Since 2009, Yang-Ming University Hospital has held international seminars on important medical issues in Yilan County every year. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging around the world, this year’s discussion focused on “COVID-19 Treatment and Epidemiology.” Experts in various fields from the United States and Taiwan were invited to speak on COVID-19’s temporary characterization, diagnosis, treatment, and quarantine.

Director of Yang-Ming University Hospital Yang Chun-Hao said that this year’s epidemic is a great test for Taiwanese healthcare’s adaptability and resource allocation capabilities. Every week, the hospital reviews relevant procedures for responding to the epidemic and takes inventory over epidemic prevention supplies. Due to the possibility over a second wave of the epidemic, the hospital has been maintaining a state of readiness. However, only once a vaccine is developed and released to the public will the COVID-19 problem be solved.

Source: UDN