The world is suffering over the spread of COVID-19. National Yang-Ming University President Steve Hsu-Sung Kuo, a former CDC director, has confidence in Taiwan’s epidemic prevention. He also hopes that the Taiwanese government will speed up the establishment of the “Asia-Pacific Epidemic Prevention Center,” taking advantage of over its 10-year lead over China. Given Taiwan’s experience with SARS, in addition to future measures integrating healthcare security into national security, and continued partnership between Taiwan and the United States, the Taoyuan Aerotropolis can be used as an international medical base and allow the country to build a “Taiwan Brand” and play an important an important role in global epidemic prevention.

Steve Hsu-Sung Kuo mentioned that during the SARS epidemic, the world was divided into three types of countries: those that could others by themselves (United States), those able to protect themselves but not help others (Japan), and Taiwan as the third. Unable to protect itself from the virus, Taiwan received assistance from the United States and other parties. Today, after 17 years of healthcare research and development, Taiwan can finally play an important role in global epidemic prevention.

Source: Liberty Times