Steve Hsu-Sung Kuo: “I still remember that in early February, Vice President Chen Chien-Jen believed that the virus might gradually turn into a persistent infectious disease. I believe the Central Epidemic Command Center has long realized that is time to change the epidemic prevention strategy from containment to disaster reduction. Just because the public is worried about locally-transmitted infections, the adjustment in strategy will be difficult, similar to how the World Health Organization struggled whether to declare COVID-19 a pandemic in fear of public panic.

Epidemic prevention experts, including Su Yi-Jen (former CDC Director), Professor Chang Chang-Cuan (National Taiwan University School of Public Health), and Shi Wen-Yi (former CDC Deputy Director) have all stated that the focus of locally-transmitted infections should occur during the early stages of epidemic prevention. Instead, focus should be on possible school-based and other modes of transmission. Expert opinions are unanimous. A high-level containment strategy may make Taiwan the last country in the world to announce locally-transmitted cases, and unless the country goes into lockdown, will happen sooner or later. I believe the endorsement and support of various experts is enough for the Central Command Center to convince the public that we need to adjust the epidemic prevention strategy now.”

Source: China Times