The slogan of a poster in Yang-Ming University’s campus read, “Ignorance is Scarier than Virus.” The poster is satirical in nature and acts as a criticism of current Taiwanese society. What is the reasoning behind this poster? The chaos of information in the media has made it difficult for the public to ascertain the importance of masks. The public thinks of using masks when they think of epidemic prevention in the case of COVID-19 and thus, swarm to buy masks and other daily necessities. Some people, afraid of not being able to obtain masks, even suggest making masks by themselves using all kinds of tricks. Will these self-made masks be able to prevent virus transmission? Does wearing masks really prevent infection? Is there a more effective method of epidemic prevention? If the government fails to address the public’s ignorance and confusion and continues to allow the media to over report mask-related news, further panic will ensue among the general public.

Source: China Times