With the announcement last week that the UK would become the first place to use a COVID-19 vaccine, the war against the COVID-19 pandemic moved into a new stage.

Amid the threat of pandemics, vaccines have been a major weapon in the fight against them.

Given Taiwan’s complicated international status, the ability to make its own vaccines has been a plank in the government’s epidemic response policy for more than a decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic certainly shows that this policy is a step in the right direction.

In April, I was invited to attend a meeting of the government’s COVID-19 task force, during which a written statement was issued to the effect that in the current crisis, in the interests of ensuring public safety, government departments should put aside their differences and cooperate fully with industry to underwrite the risks of vaccine research and development.

This is the only way Taiwan would produce its own vaccine, unhampered by the attendant risks of such an endeavor….

Source: Taipei Times