Taiwan will begin administering AstraZeneca’s vaccine starting next Monday while Taiwan’s domestic vaccine candidate, currently in in Phase 2 clinical trials, is eagerly awaited upon for a launch in June. Hsu-Sung Steven Kuo, former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and former President of Yang Ming University, suggested that the data collected from AstraZeneca’s vaccine can be used by the Food and Drug Administration as a reference for the domestic vaccine candidate. He states, “If the antibodies produced by the domestic vaccine are comparable to those from the AstraZeneca vaccine, since approval has been given to AstraZeneca, why not approve of the domestic vaccine candidate?”

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University’s Research Center for Epidemic Prevention held an online seminar this morning on the “Use of Real World Data in an Epidemic.” Scholars and experts discussed current international vaccine research and development. Hsu-Sung Steven Kuo said that this proposal is based on the WHO’s Correction of Protection (COP) concept of linking efficacy standards, especially as both vaccines are in Taiwan and used among health individuals.

Allen Lien, Deputy Chief Executive of the Yang Ming Chiao Tung University’s Research Center for Epidemic Prevention explained that the World Health Organization (WHO) is establishing a set of Correlation of Protection (COP) protection link standards for upcoming COVID-19 vaccines. If the vaccines meet this standard, it can be marketed without Phase 3 clinical trials, forming a strong basis for the launch of Taiwan’s domestic vaccine. 

Source: UDN