Former Vice President Chen Chien-Jen attended the “2021 National Health Insurance Forum” today (4/25/21). In his keynote speech, he pointed out that vaccines are the ultimate weapon to end COVID-19, based on the experiences of the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel. Taiwan must quickly quickly increase its vaccination rate and finish the fight against COVID-19.

The former Vice President was invited to attend the “2021 National Health Insurance Forum,” organized by the Formosa Republican Association on the morning of April 25th, giving a keynote speech titled “Smart Technology Epidemic Prevention and the Sustainability of the NHI.”

Chen Chien-Jen stated that the key to the success of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention measures must, instead of city lockdowns or mass screening, be focused on using big data, information and communication technology, and artificial intelligence to enact precise epidemic prevention measures and government relief packages. He pointed out that at the beginning of the epidemic, Vice President of the Legislative Yuan Chen Qi-Mai and Administrative Councilor Audrey Tang jointly led the effort to introduce a patient travel history database. Within 48 hours, Lee Bo-Zhang, Director of the National Health Insurance, effectively established the database. Between February and December of last year, more than 28,000 medical institutions submitted queries for 566 million lines of data, enabling the implementation of the TOCC (Travel History, Occupation, Contact History, Cluster) system and ensuring the sustainability of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention measures. 

Source: Radio Taiwan International